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VIEWPOINT actively seeks opportunities to partner with experienced private equity investors to pursue incentive aligned investment strategies and value enhancement programs.

Our mission is to deliver appropriately scaled infill development projects that advance civic smart growth initiatives and neighborhood revitalization through focused value-add and opportunistic investment, development, and operation of multifamily and urban mixed-use real estate assets.

We believe that it is necessary to shift away from the current paradigm of large footprint and large lot developments and back to smaller developments in order to create pedestrian scaled neighborhoods that are positive additions to our communities while remaining affordable and desirable.

Viewpoint adds value through selective acquisition and development of multifamily and mixed-use properties in communities with strong growth fundamentals. We consider a broad set of return criteria to align our interest with those of our investment partners and tailor deal structures to fit the unique needs of each opportunity.


Recognizing that increased density is the way forward for most Bay Area cities, our goal is to create infill development that is scaled to pedestrians.  We appreciate that each of our projects is a permanent addition to a neighborhood and an incremental opportunity to build upon and improve our community.

Our primary focus is the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of buildings.  When in-between spaces are thoughtfully designed, it is possible for a project to feel friendly, safe and contribute to a sense of place within the community.


Evaluate  location specific political and legal challenges to development and property ownership;  the neighborhood and project’s ability to absorb externalities created by smart growth development initiatives;

Identify  opportunities to promote alternative forms of mobility and transit; desired lifestyle amenities for dominant tapestry segments;

Execute  financial analysis to determine optimal investment strategy; clearly define investment strategy and management guidelines; proactively manage the capital structure and property operations to enhance income and appreciation returns.

Viewpoint maintains pricing discipline when buying, and sells when capital markets fully value asset and market fundamentals.  Our goal is to generate the most attractive risk-adjusted returns possible while delivering highest-and-best use development projects that remain functional and competitive far beyond the initial investment horizon.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures with Viewpoint REIS are structured and managed by Viewpoint Real Estate Investment Company, its affiliate.

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